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“A truly wonderful and inspiring experience” - Cliff Robertson

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In March of 2008 in Dayton, Ohio, an incredible 3-day event took place celebrating the wonder, the history, and the people of flight, as presented on the big screen.  Known as the Reel Stuff Film Festival of Aviation, and hosted by the National Aviation Hall of Fame, this inaugural gathering quickly gained nationwide acclaim as the preeminent festival of its type.

Though literally thousands of film festivals take place annually worldwide, Reel Stuff was widely hailed as a first-of-its-kind in its genre and an artistic success.  A second and third annual edition of Reel Stuff were held in 2009 and 2010, again serving the non-profit Hall of Fame to both elevate public and media awareness of its mission, and provide the organization with a unique, exciting, and mission-relevant community fundraising platform.  Besides that, it was entertaining fun for everyone involved, be they the patrons, participants, volunteers, sponsors or staff.

Today, by popular demand, Reel Stuff Aviation Resources LLC and its founder and producer, Ron Kaplan, former Executive Director at the Hall of Fame, are pleased to offer your organization the opportunity to host its own exclusive edition of this popular, high-profile and profitable event in your region.

With Ron’s personal guidance, a fully-customized Reel Stuff Film Festival of Aviation can be created to further your organization’s mission, promote media coverage and raise public awareness, generate sponsor and patron revenue, expand and enhance your community relationships, and much, much more.  It can be one-time only event or designed to be held annually, and can be scaled to fit, from one-screening, one-day, or a multi-day festival.

A Reel Stuff Film Festival additionally offers many artistically acclaimed attributes, such as only offering film classics, documentaries, and other motion-picture media that can each be compellingly introduced by someone closely affiliated with their creation, be they directors, actors, technical advisors, or even stunt pilots.  Where appropriate, vintage and classic films are presented by renowned cinema and aviation historians.

Previous Reel Stuff audiences have been enthralled to see movies such as TOP GUN presented by aerial cinematographer Clay Lacy; 633 SQUADRON screened by Academy-Award winning actor and pilot, Cliff Robertson; the documentary ONE SIX RIGHT presented by its producer/director, Brian Terwilliger; and producer Catherine Wyler present both her 1990 feature film, MEMPHIS BELLE, and her late father, William Wyler’s, 1944 documentary of the same name.

In only its second year, Reel Stuff earned international status by its selection to host the first public screening of DER ROTE BARON in North America, presented by the German film’s producer/writer/director, Nikolai Muellerschoen.

With each Reel Stuff theatre screening followed by an audience Q&A session with that film’s noted presenter, plus many opportunities to meet and socialize with the filmmakers over the course of the festival, Reel Stuff has attracted fans, students, and scholars of cinema, history, and aviation from as far as California, Colorado, Canada, Virginia and Florida.

Reel Stuff sponsors have included international companies such as NetJets, Aviation Partners, Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, and Rolls-Royce North America, and funders such as the Gates Frontiers Fund.  And thanks to its stellar reputation in the filmmaking industry, Ron has an ever-growing roster of passionate, talented and world-renowned filmmakers that are eager to showcase their aviation projects at future Reel Stuff Film Festivals.

Reel Stuff is but one of many significant public events Ron Kaplan has conceived, planned, and produced over his 30-year career in aviation and promotions, further evidence of his passionate commitment to the successful creation and presentation of unique projects at the highest standard.

If your non-profit organization seeks to host a memorable experiential event that is sure to captivate, delight, and benefit many, it is Ron’s mission to meet and exceed your expectations with a customized Reel Stuff Film Festival.   Thank you for taking the time to further explore the wealth of information elsewhere on this website, and carefully consider the abundant opportunities available through hosting a Reel Stuff Film Festival of Aviation in your community.

Send us an email or give us a call – Ron Kaplan looks forward to helping your organization host a spectacular Reel Stuff Film Festival of Aviation very soon!

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NOTE:  To better serve valued clients, stakeholders, sponsors and filmmakers, Reel Stuff Aviation Resources LLC is limiting 2012 festival production commitments to four (4) exclusive North American market areas.  Reel Stuff has three (3) remaining new market openings available as of January 3, 2012.  Contact us for updated availability.