Benefits of Hosting a Reel Stuff Film Festival of Aviation:

  • Brings positive attention to and increased public awareness of your organization, and increases your exposure to desirable local and national media representatives.
  • Offers great potential to develop new relationships with a more diverse audience, and add patrons as new members thereby expanding your organization’s circle of influence beyond its usual constituent demographics.
  • Creates opportunities for additional fundraising activities themed to the festival, e.g. dinner gala, raffle, live/silent auctions, etc.
  • Enables you to develop desirable, limited-access, VIP-style events that can further help to attract large audiences, and can deliver valuable and prominent donor recognition.
  • Provides a variety of ways to reward and thank valued sponsors, supporters, and members and attract new ones.
  • Enables you to expand your sponsorship base to include those who may not have been aware of, or who have not yet expressed an interest in supporting, your core mission and programs.
  • Offers a prominent public forum at which to spotlight your education mission (and other key messages), and have presenters (screening subjects and filmmakers) also promote your education programming through discussion of the film themes and content.
  • Allows you the flexibility to scale the event up or down, depending on your objectives, and to customize the theme to match your organization’s assets, e.g. a specific artifact, or a historic milestone, era, anniversary, or personality.
  • Presents opportunities to generate revenue through both on-site and on-line sale of relevant merchandise offered by you, participating filmmakers, and vendors who want to reach your festival audience (e.g. with a retail booth in the lobby).
  • Positions you to partner proactively with other groups (e.g., academic institutions, the arts, government agencies, civic associations, young-creatives, media outlets, etc) and deliver expanded value to the entire community.
  • Benefits from and capitalizes on all previous years’ events – each year’s success continuing to build growing annual anticipation and excitement.
  • Enables your organization to build the Festival and related events into as much fun and excitement as the community can hope to experience.

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