Help bring The Flyboys to your small screen soon

I was delighted to host producer/writer/director Rocco DeVilliers at the 2009 Reel Stuff Film Fest, where he won audience raves for his film The Flyboys. It’s a colorfully told story of friendship and family, wrapped in a suspenseful action-adventure that appeals to young teens as well as adults. Plus, forget the awesome car chase, it also features big ‘ol radial engines! Rocco’s dogged pursuit of bringing his thoroughly entertaining story to life on the big screen is remarkable. Incredibly, The Flyboys did not get theatrical distribution – which on any other day would launch me onto the soapbox. However, today I am thrilled to share news of Rocco’s and his colleagues’ effort to take The Flyboys even further, but they need our help. I best let Rocco explain here:

“After winning over 70 top awards at film festivals throughout the United States, the independent feature film, The Flyboys, is ready to make the leap to TV screens everywhere. The Flyboys TV series is essentially a modern-day Hardy Boys… Jason McIntyre and Kyle Barrett are two seniors in high school canadian pharmacy for viagra who seem to attract action and adventure, mystery and intrigue… We have shot a 15-minute

promo for the networks and need help finishing it. Season One will have 13 episodes with an arching storyline. After establishing the characters in the first few episodes, episode 8-11 will take us back in time and show us the back-story of how the boys met when they were 12-years old. Since the feature film has never been released in the US and was shot when our two leads were children – this provides us with an opportunity to do something truly unique: Have two adult actors play themselves as children in a dual storyline flashback. As the series unfolds with all of its richly drawn characters, the fully produced film footage will take on new meaning as its woven into this intricate story how does cialis lower blood pressure of The Flyboys.”

I urge you to follow my lead and visit the site of their crowdsourcing campaign (, and kick something in toward the cause, ideally an amount that will score you and your family a DVD of the original film. You won’t regret it. They are well on their way to the $15K goal to complete the pitch promo. We all wish Rocco and his Flyboys viagra online canadian pharmacy team every success on expanding the theme to the smaller screen soon, and will keep you posted of their progress here at Reel Stuff.