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“A truly wonderful and inspiring experience” - Cliff Robertson

Past Presenters

Cliff Robertson, Actor/Director
The Pilot (1980)

Writer, director, and Academy and Emmy award winning actor Cliff Robertson fell in love with airplanes at a young age and throughout his career he has been able to link his love of flying and film.  His on-screen portrayals include President John F. Kennedy in PT-109, Wing Commander Roy Grant in 633 Squadron, Ace Eli Wellford in Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies, and he both directed and starred in The Pilot. His dramatic credits include more than 100 television productions and nearly 80 motion pictures. Robertson maintains both a pilot and glider license and has owned a stable of vintage aircraft.  A tireless advocate for general aviation, he proclaims, “Flying is freedom-the essence of a good life.”  His many awards include the EAA’s Freedom of Flight Award, the Soaring Society of America Award and the AOPA William Sharples Award.  In 2006 he was recognized with aviation’s highest honor, enshrinement into the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Rocco DeVilliers, Producer/Writer/Director
The Fly Boys

Being the multifaceted creative force behind THE FLYBOYS is nothing unusual for filmmaker Rocco DeVilliers.  As a youth, his early projects won local and regional awards.  Instead of going to film school, Rocco decided that he would learn more making his own film.  So, at age twenty-one, Rocco shot the action drama “Pure Race” on a $15,000 budget. “Pure Race” is the story of two college students – one black, the other white – who run into a white supremacist group when their car breaks down in rural Idaho.  The film showcased DeVilliers’ talents as director, producer, co-writer, cinematographer, stunt coordinator, stuntman, and editor.  Rocco even managed to make a brief appearance as one of the central character’s roommates. With a strong technical knowledge in post-production, DeVilliers has edited many feature films.  He edited THE FLYBOYS as well as supervised all of the post-production work on the film.

John Ellis, Milton Caniff Estate
Steve Canyon “Operation Intercept” (1959)

John Ellis is an artist, writer and filmmaker born in Wilmington, Ohio in 1955. His diverse, creative career includes working as a professional illustrator for print and advertising, and also in the film industry as both a producer and director of feature films. He has also served on many dozens of projects over the last 30 years as an animator and Visual Effects Director, with his work being seen on most of the major broadcast and cable networks, and in major theatrical films as well. In 2006 he began a partnership with The Milton Caniff Estate to pursue the restoration and re-release of the Estate’s 1958 NBC primetime TV series STEVE CANYON.  In his role as the series’ present-day Producer, he is responsible for all 34 episodes being restored and made available to the public by mid 2009.  John has two grown children and resides in suburban Los Angeles.

James Farmer, Aviation Cinema Historian
Twelve O’Clock High (1949) and Strategic Air Command (1955)

James H. Farmer, a native of Washington, D.C, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in painting and History at the University of California at Berkeley and later a Master of Arts Degree in Education.  Starting with his initial and acclaimed 1984 book, Celluloid Wings, Farmer has spent a lifetime exploring the relationship between Hollywood and aviation and is hailed by many as “the definitive aviation film historian.”  His subsequent books include Broken Wings, the co-authored Convair’s B-36: A Comprehensive History of America’s Big Stick, and America’s Pioneer Aces.  An award-winning aviation illustrator and writer, Farmer has served variously as the associate editor and art editor of the Journal of American Aviation Historical Society, with more than 200 feature articles and columns appearing in major national and overseas publications. He currently is a contributing editor for Flight Journal magazine.  Mr. Farmer and his wife of 30 years, Calane, presently reside in Glendora, California.  They have one daughter, Christa.

Cliff and Kathy Fleming, Aerial Coordinators
We Were Soldiers (2002)

Cliff’s aviation career began in 1972 when he graduated from college and was commissioned by the United States Marine Corps as an officer and attended Naval Flight School in Pensacola, Florida.  While stationed in Southern California at MCAS El Toro, Cliff met Kathy, his wife and mother to their three children.  The oldest, Cory is also a film pilot. After years working for several companies including two years as corporate jet pilot, they formed South Coast Helicopters, Inc.  in 1990.  Nineteen years later South Coast Helicopters is one of the key suppliers of aviation equipment to Hollywood. Cliff has worked in the film industry since 1980 and during the late 80’s his film career took off.  Today, he is one of the premier Aerial Coordinators in Hollywood and has worked on over 120 feature films. Cliff is also a charter member and former, two-term president  of the Motion Picture Pilots Association.  In addition to We Were Soldiers, his film credits as an Aerial Coordinator/Pilot include, among others:  The River Wild, Dante’s Peak, Mars Attacks!, Triple X, Mission Impossible and Die Hard 4, and the upcoming film, Star Trek 14.

Paul Glenshaw, Producer
Barnstorming (2009)
The Wright Brothers and the First Military Airplane (2009)

Co-producer Paul Glenshaw has nearly twenty years’ experience with museum and multimedia education projects, and has specialized in early aviation projects since 2000. He is the author of www.wrightexperience.com, which includes a collection of 14 educational websites funded by the US Centennial of Flight Commission. He is a lecturer on the Wright brothers, curator of several exhibits for the Wright Brothers National Memorial and College Park Aviation Museum, and is Executive Director of the Discovery of Flight Foundation. He has written for Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine, the Washington Post Magazine, and his photographs have appeared in The Washington Post, Flying magazine, Aviation Week and Space Technology (award winner), ABCNews This Week, PBS’s NOVA, and many others.

Steve Hinton, Pilot
Always (1989)

Steve Hinton first obtained his private pilots license in 1972 and has never looked back.  With an FAA rating to fly “all makes and models of single and multi engine piston powered authorized aircraft,” Steve has amassed over 10,000 hours at the controls of over 150 aircraft, including jets and helicopters.  Among his numerous accomplishments are performing in air shows since 1972, winning in the Unlimited Class at the Reno Air Races, working in the motion picture industry since 1977 as pilot or coordinator, serving as President of the Planes of Fame Air Museum since 1994, and performing as a member of the USAF Heritage Flight air show demonstration group.  He is a member of SAG and a charter member of the Motion Picture Pilots Association.  A partial listing of Steve’s film credits includes Rocketeer, Forever Young, 1941, Air Force One, Pearl Harbor, Ironman, We Were Soldiers, Flight of the Intruder and Always.

Richard Hoerle, Capt. Eddie Premier
Captain Eddie (1945)

Richard “Dick” Hoerle, resides in Groveport, Ohio, and served in the USAAF as a cryptographer before beginning a career in the office products industry in 1947.  With a childhood interest in aviation, in 1965 Dick started helping the Air Force Museum as a volunteer.  In 1983 he and his wife, Janet, began the effort to get the U.S. Postal Service to honor Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker with a postage stamp.  The first day of issue was September 25, 1995, and the last air mail stamp issued.  In doing their research, the Hoerle’s obtained a rare 35mm copy of the movie, CAPT EDDIE, around which they organized a gala at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus (where the movie actually premiered in 1945) on September 8, 1990, the 100th anniversary of Rickenbacker’s birth.  As a result, they formed “The Capt. Eddie Premiere Gala,” a non-profit dedicated to sharing the history of this NAHF enshrinee and great American patriot.

Clay Lacy, Aerial Cinematographer
The Pilot (1980)

Clay Lacy started flying at age 12 and at 19 joined United Airlines flying the DC-3. He currently holds 33 type ratings and has logged over 50,000 hours as a pilot.  Lacy was introduced to filmmaking while flying F-86 Sabrejets with his Van Nuys Airport-based California Air Guard unit. One of the first to receive a Learjet Type Rating, he offered his services as Camera Aircraft in a Learjet 23 and immediately became the top source of in-flight footage for the airlines. Hollywood quickly realized the versatility of his unique high-speed camera ship. Lacy later adapted Astrovision, the pioneering periscope camera system developed by Bob Netterman and Continental Cameras, to his Learjets in 1975. A member of the Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild of America, among Clay’s credits are all the aerial sequences for Flight of the Intruder, The Great Santini, White Knight, Stealth, Top Gun and the IMAX Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag.

Nikolai Muellerschoen, Producer/Writer
Der Rote Baron (2008)

Nikolai Muellerschoen’s THE RED BARON tells the dramatic story of a man who was a legend in his own time, a man who became a hero even though he never wanted to be one. Muellerschoen, who is based in Venice, California is the director of numerous feature films including Operation Dead End (1986) and Deadly Measures (1995). He has directed numerous feature-length TV movies in both the USA and Germany, productions such as Hals über Kopf (1995), voted Best Thriller at the European TV Festival, Der Erlkönig (1999), Feine Gesellschaft (2001) and most recently Mutter aus heiterem Himmel (2005). Muellerschoen is also a much sought after screenwriter. Among many others, he was commissioned to write the scripts for Roland Emmerich’s Centropolis Film’s Twelfth Angel and Tut-Anch-Amun. He started working on the screenplay for THE RED BARON over five years ago and fought very hard to see it finally become a film. This film is a celluloid memorial to the most famous fighter pilot of all time.

Bryan Reichhardt, Producer/Director
Barnstorming (2009)

Award-winning Producer/Director Bryan Reichhardt has created numerous documentaries, interactive programs and episodic television shows for cable outlets such as Home and Garden TV and the DIY Network. Early in his career he won a Cable ACE Award for directing “Shizumi Dance Theater” a documentary/performance program. Most recently Reichhardt completed Geisha: An Artist’s Journey, a documentary explores the enigmatic world of Japanese Geisha. Featured in the 2007 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the program is currently airing on PBS stations around the country. Bryan is an editor/producer for CNN.

Catherine Wyler, Producer
Memphis Belle (1944) & (1990)

Catherine Wyler has been a studio executive, an independent producer of film and television, and held leadership positions at major American cultural institutions.  Since 2001, she is the founding Artistic Director of the Rochester/ High Falls International Film Festival in Rochester, New York. Her productions include the Warner Bros. feature MEMPHIS BELLE, and documentaries: Emmy-nominated DIRECTED BY WILLIAM WYLER and WITNESS TO HOPE, a biography of Pope John Paul II.
In the 1980’s, she was Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures and Director of Cultural and Children’s Programming at PBS. From 1977-81, she was Assistant Director of the Media Arts Program at the National Endowment for the Arts. She has served on film festival juries at Sundance, Berlin, Venice, Chicago and Istanbul, and serves on Advisory Committees for the National Gallery of Art and Women in Film and Video in Washington, DC.

Monika Petrillo, Director
Flyabout (2006)

Born in Munich, Germany, Monika Petrillo moved to the United States in 1991 and has established herself as a highly respected and acclaimed script supervisor in the industry. She has worked alongside directors such as Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater, Hal Hartley, Wolfgang Petersen, George Hickenlooper, and Tony Bui. Monika has also written about her work as a script supervisor for publications such as Filmmaker Magazine and has advised directing fellows at the Sundance Filmmakers’ Lab. Her personal and professional travels have taken her to far-flung destinations like Namibia, Japan, Costa Rica and Vietnam. A life-long adventurer Monika earned her pilot’s license at age 24 and soon thereafter set out to fulfill a dream of flying around Australia. Working as writer, director, DP, editor and producer, Flyabout marks her directorial debut. Finally finishing a project which pre-dates her marriage as well as her two kids, Monika is looking forward to giving her ancient editing system the burial that it richly deserves.

Heather Taylor, Producer
Breaking Through the Clouds: The First Women’s National Air Derby (2010)

Heather, who grew up in a family of pilots and spent countless hours at local airports, first learned of the women’s national air derby in 1997. Heather has worked in the film and video industry nearly 15 years including 8 years with Discovery Communications and 2 years with ABC/Kane Productions. While at Discovery, she managed and received credits for such shows as The Croc Hunter, Monster Garage, Deadliest Catch, Eukanuba Tournament of Champions, American Chopper and thousands more. In addition, she worked on national commercials, industrial videos and completed a tenure with the Tennessee Film Commission. Heather has a Masters in Producing Film & Video. Her purpose in creating Archetypal Images is to produce films that explore and harnesses that light in the eyes of people who have found their calling in life and share that sparkle with others who are still searching to find their own passion. The pilots featured in Breaking Through The Clouds are role models of this objective. They pursed their interests, no matter how illogical it sounded to others, and have continued to influence others in a positive way over 80 years later.

Adam White, Director/Writer
The Restorers (2002)

Director Adam White is a graduate of the film program from Wright State University, and has won multiple regional Emmys for both of his films The Restorers (the inspiration for the television series of the same name) and Red Tail Reborn. With over 15 years of experience, Adam has worked on most every type of media in many different roles. He now concentrates his time as a producer/director/cinematographer with a specialty in SteadiCam. Joining him at Reel Stuff are the show’s producer, Kara Martinelli, and the series’ hostess, Christina Capadona-Schmitz. Kara has worked as a producer creating spots for Food Network, USA, and Touchstone Energy, and additional work with Comedy Central, HBO, A&E, TBS and other outlets. Christina has a bachelor’s degree in communications and PR, and has worked as a journalist, freelance news writer, actor and spokesperson.