Our History

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“A truly wonderful and inspiring experience” - Cliff Robertson

Passion. Popcorn. Purpose

Why should your organization consider planning a Reel Stuff Film Festival? Among the many reasons, below are just a few

Provides a high-profile, sponsor-friendly fundraising event – with options to add revenue-generating merchandise sales, receptions, or auction galas.

Shines a positive spotlight on your organization’s mission and programs – boosting marketing exposure and increasing media coverage.

Creates and diversifies your partnership opportunities – with academic institutions, arts groups, civic associations, untapped grant sources and more.

Expands your organization’s typical circle of influence – creating meaningful relationships with a fresh, friendly audience of potential new supporters.

Rewards your valued members, donors, and supporters – and attracts new stakeholders to your cause through a memorable, mission-relevant experience.

Earns your organization get well deserved accolades & applause – for bringing a creative, fun and exciting aviation experience to your community!

(OK – this is a bonus…) There are plenty of additional great reasons you should host a Reel Stuff Film Festival of Aviation – Click here for full details!